A Sleepover with Elliot

Edward did not move to a new place. He is still in the rainforest near Olympia, Washington. But there was exciting news to report because Elliot slept in the camper last night. It was a wonderful adventure, filled with many special activities. At first Elliot played with the blue play dough that Grandma Susan had made just for him. Elliot ate supper and then went swimming. The water was pretty cold. Elliot kicked with Papa Ted in the pool for a while, but then he needed to warm up.


There is a tractor at the campsite and Elliot enjoyed sitting in the driver’s seat, turning the wheel and moving the throttle. The tractor is attached to a wagon with hay bales, so Elliot imagined going to take hay to the horses.

Elliot and Tractor

After a bath and a good sleep, Elliot got up and ate a good breakfast and then got dressed for the day.

Edward and Elliot

One of the best things about the campground is that it has an old go cart track and Elliot could ride his strider around and around. He was thinking of Go Dog Go! and the big dog party at the end of the book. He told Papa Ted and Grandma Susan about all of the fun he was having. They had to run to keep up and then they couldn’t keep up. Elliot can coast with his feet in the air for 30 feet or more on his strider. He had a wonderful time and went around the track many, many times.

Strider Rider

Then there was time to play on the tractor again before heading into town to meet Mom and Dad for coffee.