Floweree, Montana

Elevator and bear
Edward doesn't know how Floweree, Montana got its name, but it is a pretty name for a very small town. There are no stores and not even a post office, just a few houses along a single gravel road. For many years there was no water source and the people who lived there hauled their water from a nearby town. Now they have water for their homes and yards and all of the people who live there are farmers and most of them have lots of plants in their yards: vegetables and flowers and trees. The countryside is wide open with lots of wheat fields. There is a good view of the Highwood Mountains across the river. The railroad tracks run right next to town, but there aren't many trains these days. Today has been a peaceful day of resting and enjoying the Montana summer weather. The plan is to head for the mountains tomorrow and Edward loves the mountains and the new adventures that are coming.