Rapid City, South Dakota

bear on the bed
WOW! There is a lot of activity in the camper today. Edward Bear has been hibernating all winter long and he doesn't like to wake up. First of all, of course, he had to check to make sure that he still has his fish. He does. That's good. All day long Ted and Susan are coming and going from the camper, bringing in things, making up beds and checking to see that everything is working.

It is clear that they are planning a big trip, and not just a weekend shake down cruise. That is a funny idea a shake down cruise. But it is true that everything does shake quite a bit when the camper is being towed down the road. That's why Edward likes to ride on a padded seat with pillows next to him.

Before the camper takes its first trip each year, there are a lot of things to do: fill the water tank, flush out all the water lines, make sure the refrigerator and stove are working, check the water heater. Clean out the bathroom. Vacuum the carpet. Check all the lights. Sort through all of the cupboards and drawers.

Sometimes Edward hears the radio in the background and sometimes Ted and Susan work quietly. Edward sees a few loads of toys coming into the camper. That is a very good sign indeed. Usually when there are toys involved, they will be heading to visit Elliot and Emmala and Eliza. Elliot loves to visit those three. After all, they all have E names and so does Edward!