Floweree, Montna

Today was such a busy day that we never got around to taking a picture of Edward. We'll try to get one for tomorrow.

Edward woke early, as usual, to a beautiful day at Eddie's Corner. Soon the trailer was on the road again and it didn't take too long to get to Great Falls and from there to the ranch at Floweree. There were lots and lots of people at the ranch They had a big tent put up with lots of tables and chairs. There were a lot of pictures of Russ and the ranch and people told the most wonderful stories about him and some of the adventures they had with him. Russ had a lot of people who loved him and it was a good day of sharing and remembering.

The camper isn't going to be moved tomorrow, but check for another post in Edward's blog, because there will be new information and a picture of Edward at the ranch.