Paradise Valley, Montana

Today Edward and the camper were pulled up the Clearwater and Lochsa Rivers in Idaho and over Lolo Pass into Montana. They crossed the Continental Divide at Pipestone Pass near Butte and drove down to Livingston, where they turned south towards Yellowstone National Park. The main highway goes down the west side of the Yellowstone River, but the camper was pulled across the bridge to the east side of the river and into a beautiful campsite within view of Emigrant Peak. This part of the Yellowstone Valley is called Paradise Valley by the people who live here. The closest town is called Pray and the town of Emigrant isn’t far away. Chico Hot Springs is just down the road. There is a big fire burning on Emigrant Mountain. The people who live here say it has been burning for more than two days now. It was showing a really big smoke plume in the early evening, but it was down a bit as sunset came. The wind is blowing through the trees here and the river is right by the camper.

Edward in Paradise Valley

It has been a good day of travels for Edward and his family. More mountain passes and more miles. Tomorrow they will get home to Rapid City and take a break from the camper for a while.