Coulee City, WA

EB Coulee
After being in hibernation all winter, the last two days have been a whirlwind for Edward. Yesterday was 396.1 miles. Today the camper traveled 555.2 miles. AND, when Edward looks out when they stopped for the night it was a place that he had been before! They are in a nice community campground right by the water in Coulee City, Washington. It is very quiet here even though it is close to the highway because the highway isn't very busy. On a Monday in the middle of May the campground is nearly empty. The campground host, one other camper and Edward's camper is all that are in the campground tonight. And there are no boats in the marina yet. Edward guesses that the people in Washington just don't want to go boating when it is a little bit chilly outside. No worries. They'll come soon enough.

Edward is VERY excited. Just one more sleep and he will be at Elliot and Emmala's house. He will make it in time to be there when Elliot gets home from school. YAY!