Eddie's Corner, Montana

Eddies Truck Stop Montana
Wow! Eddie's life is sometimes a long time of sitting still and then a big day of travel. The camper came out of the storage unit on Monday, but not much activity happened until Friday, when the day started early with loading lots of clothes and gear, some little repairs and checking of things and then a long drive. The first stop was at Belle Fourche, South Dakota. The town has a park that is called "Center of the Nation" and it was a good lunch break. From there the trip headed across Wyoming to Montana. A short stop to have the boats inspected in Broadus was hardly enough time to see where they were and then they were back on the road. The road was really rough for a while around Lame Deer and they got to the Interstate at Crow Agency. Finally the ride smoothed out and Eddie could nap.

There was another boat inspection between Hardin and Billings and a supper and fuel stop at Billings. At Billings they left the Interstate behind again and headed Northwest through lots of open country.

Then they arrived at Eddie's Corner. Edward liked the name right away. There are a lot of trucks parked here and a little park and a few campers as well. A big thunderstorm passed to the south, but it wasn't much of a problem for Edward.

They have made it most of the way to their goal. Only a little over two hours of driving left to make the Ranch at Floweree. Edward is excited to be on the move again.