Twisp, Washington


Edward is in Twisp tonight. It is right along the Methow River. You can see that the river really flooded this year. There are giant tree trunks that have washed up alongside the banks of the river. These are great for climbing and hiding and Edward had fun exploring this interesting place.

Most of the day the camper was in "Almost Canada." The family has been traveling very close to the Canadian border in northern Washington and there are Canadian flags and plenty of road signs that tell of places in British Columbia that are just across the border.

The names of the places around here are pretty interesting, too. Today, Edward has been in Okanogan, Omak, Tonasket, Kettle Falls, and Chewelah. There have been some other places as well. The truck and the camper topped five different passes in today's drive. Tomorrow there will be another high pass, over the Cascades. The picture at the top of the Edward Bear Blog is of Edward at the top of that pass. That picture was taken several years ago on another trip along the same highway.

Tomorrow is the day that Edward will get to Mount Vernon, Washington, where Elliot, Emmala, and Eliza live. It will be a very exciting day!