Big Timber, Montana

Finally! Another winter's hibernation is over. Edward was so excited to see the camper being prepared for a trip, and from the looks of the preparations, this was going to be a long trip. The first leg of the journey, about 400 miles, was to a familiar place. Edward found himself by the river in Big Timber. In the morning he heard the lambs out in the pasture and was eager to explore. Lois, who lives at the river, takes care of little lambs each spring, feeding them from bottles and making sure that they grow healthy and strong. The lambs are really cute and they were hungry when Edward went to explore, so they were making all kinds of noise, hoping that their breakfast was soon to come. The place by the river is looking good and Edward was eager to explore, but there are more miles to make today. Edward is hearing of going to a new place in Washington, though his first really big trip was to Washington and he is familiar with that state. It will be fun to see where the adventure takes him.