Ferndale and Clear Lake Washington

Edward Bear has been having so much fun that there hasn't been much time to write about all of his adventures. Last week, on Thursday, Edward, Elliot and Emmala went with Grandma and Grandpa in the camper to Ferndale, where they stayed at the Cedars RV park. On Friday they took the truck on a ferry to Lummi Island where they explored. The RV resort was full of fun activities: swimming, playground, climbing tree, bike rides and more. The crew cooked outside on the campfire and had ice cream from the camp store.

Then a dog, who wasn't properly restrained by his owners, ran and bit Elliot as he was riding his bike. Elliot was very brave, but he had to go to the Emergency Room to get his injury treated. The wound wasn't too deep, but it had to be closed with steri-strips and a dressing applied. Elliot went home with his father to stay in his own bed, so Emmala had a night in the camper by herself with Grandma and Grandpa.

Since we got home, Elliot is healing nicely and has had another sleepover at the camper. There have been lots of fun days of playing and exploring Clear Lake.