I'm not really sick

I have a feeling that if I were to have a chronic illness I wouldn’t be a very good patient. I’m simply not very patient. I want to get over whatever is ailing me and get on with my life. I don’t like interruptions and changing plans. I’m no fan of cancelling meetings or postponing activities. I can demonstrate a significant amount of patience with learners and those who are inquiring. I can be patient with children who have their own pace of life, but when it comes to myself I expect that I get up get going and get the job done.

I’ve had a bit of a cold the last few days. It isn’t much as far as symptoms go. I’ve got a bit of congestion, a small cough, and have had a low-grade fever. There has been a bit of a sore throat and that is about it. Nothing more than a little extra Vitamin C and a few cough drops won’t get me through. Yesterday was a day off, which in my world means a day set aside for household chores, and I spent most of it in bed. I managed to get the driveway shoveled and take the garbage cans to the curb. I read a few pages in a book. And that was it. I’m not proud of my accomplishments. Then, to top it off, I went to be early and slept all night long. That’s a sure sign that I actually needed the rest, I guess. And it is still early so I don’t know how much I’ll accomplish today. I’ve got a few meetings that I don’t want to miss, but haven’t been up long enough to evaluate.

The one thing I don’t want to do is to spread the virus, or whatever it is that I have to others. There’s been enough of that going around already. We’ve had multiple members of our choir with voices too scratchy to sing and several people have complained about a head cold that keeps hanging on and is hard to overcome.

I’m not used to being sick. I had a bit of a sinus infection around Christmas, but I had too much work to do anything other than take a couple of aspirin and keep going. I had to be careful about pushing my voice by the second service on Christmas Eve, but not much was disrupted in terms of activities and programs. Then I got to feeling better.

I have to be honest. I’m not really feeling better this morning. At least not yet. Sometimes it takes a while to get up and get going. It is clear that I will need to avoid visiting any sick or vulnerable persons for at least one more day.

That’s the thing. I am not a patient person.

Te truth is that I have been blessed with excellent health throughout my life. I haven’t missed many days of work due to illness. I haven’t had any injuries that laid me up for weeks at a time. I’ve been able to count on having a bit of reserve endurance. On the other hand, it is possible that I have shared my viruses and other illnesses with others because it is my instinct to push my self and get out into the public. I hope that I haven’t been making others sick.

And that is way more about me than is necessary. I guess I’m really not feeling all that well if it is all I can think about this morning.

I’ve been missing out on the Olympics. I haven’t watched any of the competition, and the games have already been pretty impressive. As expected, snowboarding has been Team USA’s sport this time around. Mirai Nagasu landed her triple axel, only the third person to do so in olympic history and the first team USA member to achieve the amazing feat. As expected the Norwegians are picking up a lot of medals, as well as Germany, The Netherlands and Canada. The games are pretty exciting and I haven’t watched a bit of it. I have looked at the web site enough to catch a couple of headlines, but that it it.

In other news, the Senate has taken up the immigration debate and it appears that like other debates in recent times, some of the proposals include significant spending without giving much thought to where the income will come from. I guess that’s not really news anymore. The president has offered a budget proposal that makes no attempt to move towards balance but proposes cuts in health care, food stamps and housing.

A federal jury found two Baltimore detectives guilt of fraud, robbery and racketeering in a scheme that netted officers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Six of the pair’s colleagues have already pleaded guilty.

Jacob Zuma has been recalled by his party in South Africa amid allegations of corruption.

And here in South Dakota the House Education Committee rejected a proposed requirement that public schools provide instruction on South Dakota’s Native American history, culture and government.

In our own county, a Canadian company has begun exploratory drilling for gold near Rochford. They believe that a new gold rush is just around the corner and are speaking of a mine as big as the Homestake. That would be big news around here if it pans out, so to speak.

There are plenty of things going on in the world around me and plenty of tasks that need to be done. My “to do” list is getting longer and longer and the work I didn’t get done yesterday still needs to get done. A very important Church Board meeting is just a week away and I’ve got to get together a serious proposal for that meeting as well as work out some budget details for the Department of Stewardship and Budget.

I don’t have time to be sick.

I don’t have the patience.

Alas, I need to come up with the big picture. What works best in the long term. If I don’t really get well and allow this nagging infection to persist, that will be no good, either.

If I make such a big deal out of a little had cold, it sure is a good thing that I’m not really sick.

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