Sacred Ground

Ebooks Patel, Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice, and the Promise of America (Boston: Beacon Press), 2012.

Patel Sacred Ground
Patel explores some of the changes that he has gone through along with the movement for increased pluralism education in the Post-9/11 era in the United States. The dramatic increase of anti-Muslim prejudice has been a scar upon our nation in this time. While we have a rich tradition of interfaith leaders, the current era of increased hateful rhetoric, suspicion and animosity toward American Muslims has created a situation in which new approaches are necessary. Instead of just working with his Interfaith Youth Corps and the projects that bring together youth, Patel has found it necessary to confront ignorance and lies with a fresh strategy of the art and science of Interfaith dialogue.

The book is an invitation to share in a better American and to share in the process of making our beloved country better for all of its people. The vision of a place where people of diverse traditions can live together in peace is a vision of our forebears and it is a vision that remains unfulfilled in our time. When we recognize hatred and bigotry as essentially anti-American forces, we can join together to work for a better future for all.