Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping

Mike and Terri Church, Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping: Alaska and Yukon Camping with RV or Tent, (Livingston, TX: Rolling Homes Press), 2011.

Church - Travler's Guide to Alaskan Camping
It is no secret that I have been dreaming of a drive up the Alaska highway for many years. I don't know if we will ever work it out to make the trip, but dreaming of it is entertaining. This is a very comprehensive guide to campgrounds along the Alaska highway with a lot of detail about individual campgrounds as well as introductions to each section of the highway. There's plenty of information about side trips and other areas that travelers might want to visit.

It's obvious that the authors are experienced RV travelers and they make note of important things such as where to dump holding tanks, where to obtain fresh water, propane and other items. There are comparison charts to provide information about the cost of fuel and information on where to obtain groceries. If we ever get around to taking the trip, this book is certainly one to take with us.