Walter Brueggemann, Chosen?: Reading the Bible amid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2015)

Brueggemann - Chosen
There are voices in the Christian Community that interpret the contemporary political and military conflict in Israel as signs of specific predictions about the future that they read in Biblical texts. Walter Brueggemann is a trusted and respected Biblical Scholar who, in this small four-chapter book takes a serious and scholarly look at what the Bible actually says and asks the tough questions about God's promise of a land to the people of Israel and how that promise applies to the turmoil in the region.

This volume is designed for group study and includes study guides for each session in the back of the book. It is insightful and helpful for individuals and groups who seek to understand the conflict in the light of a Biblical faith and to determine what the Bible has to teach modern political leaders. With no straight line between our ancient and holy texts and the oppression of contemporary Palestinian people by the government of modern Israel, he raises questions that every Christian should seriously consider.