Whose Boat is This Boat?

Donald J. Trump (by Accident), edited by the Staff of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Whose Boat is This Boat?: Comments That Don't Help in the Aftermath of a Hurricane (New York: Simon & Schuster), 2018

OK. This book is silly and short and makes very little sense. It is just like the current President of the United States, whose quotes make up the entire text. Many of us have been dismayed by what seems to be a lack of compassion when our President tours the sites of natural disasters. He seems to be unable to connect with people on the most basic level where communities are often very good at forming. The style of leadership he demonstrates in such situations is distressing to those of us who expect some personal connection between our officials and those who are served. Too often elected representatives forget the servant part of public servant.

This book, put together by those who are certainly no fans of the President, is probably not worth the price of purchase. Still it is a silly way to get a laugh or two and I think there is some benefit in laughing at the hard things in life.

Some day we may be able to laugh more freely about this particular time in our nation’s history. Right now even though the late night talk show hosts are making hay out of the President’s poor spelling, lack of social skills, and general lack of composure and temperament for leadership, the situation in Washington DC is a bit too dangerous for comfort. After all the same person who doesn’t understand the basics of title, ownership and insurance holds the passwords to nuclear weapons capable of destroying all of humanity.