Miroslav Volf, Flourishing: Why We Need Religion in a Globalized World (New Haven: Yale University Press) 2015.

Miroslav Volf Flourishing
I do a lot of recreational reading these days and even when I am reading about my profession, religion, I am often reading the books that others are reading. So it was an absolute pleasure to immerse myself in a true academic book. Volf's volume is very densely-written and requires focus to wrestle with his concepts, many of which I found challenging. I struggled with the concept that a truly pluralistic religion has to make room for forms of religious exclusivism. His arguments, however, are compelling. His analysis of the interplay between globalization and the world's great religions is intriguing and engaging. He clearly has command of many different kinds of religion and has taken time to work through a wide variety of religious viewpoints.

This is a very important book for our time and were I teaching in a seminary, I would urge it to be part of the required reading for all who pursue theology as an academic discipline. Furthermore, I think it is important for pastors and others who serve congregations to have a basic understanding of the topics discussed. It is an impressive book by a true theologian who is faithful to his own Christian perspective, but open and understanding of other religions as well.