The Lonely Land

Sigurd F Olson: The Lonely Land (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1997)

Olson - the Lonely Land
I think it would be fair to characterize Sigurd Olson as being a full generation ahead of me. Much of the unspoiled wilderness through which he traveled probably still remains, but travel there today is much easier and connections with the outside world through satellite phone and other means has transformed the wilderness experience in ways that mean that the experiences he reports in this book are probably no longer accessible to contemporary adventurers. Fortunately, Olson has a real gift for writing description and reading the book makes one feel like a first-hand witness to the ups and downs of canoe travel in the remote areas of Northern Canada.

I often think of Olson as a writer of the boundary waters region, but this book takes us on an adventure much farther north to places much more remote. A thousand miles northwest of Lake Superior, this is still fairly wild country. A 500-mile trip through this area would be a major expedition in today’s world. Olson and his companions not only had one wonderful adventure, he reported it in this book in a manner that is fresh and wonderful.

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