I'll take the 18

Scott H. Galoodt, I'll take the 18: The Story of Beech 18 Freight Flying (Self Published), 2018

ill take the 18
I have friends who have nostalgia for a particular vehicle that they once owned. I don’t seem to have that experience, but I have great affection and nostalgia for the twin beech airplane that my father owned. I loved flying in that airplane. I loved going out to the airport in the spring when my father needed to practice with the airplane. We would practice engine out procedures at altitude. I got to select which throttle to pull back. I loved traveling in the plane. It had good speed and range. We flew it to Washington D.C. with one stop. Seattle and San Francisco were non stop from our Montana home. I loved the sound of the airplane. I could identify it from quite a distance when our father was returning home. I knew how he managed the engines and synchronized the props. I knew the sound of him flying that plane. To this day when i hear a pair of radial engines, my eyes automatically turn skyward.

Scott Gloodt shares my love of the Beech 18 and has collected a wonderful treasure trove of stories about Beech 18s, mostly stories of freight flying in the 1970s ad ‘80s. At one point in my life I thought I’d be one of those pilots, but my life took me in a different direction. I didn’t lose my affection for the airplane.

I don’t know how this book would be for those who aren’t in love with the Beech 18, but for those of us who are, this is a wonderful book and a great read.