Truth Speaks to Power

Walter Brueggemann, Truth Speaks to Power: The Countercultural Nature of Scripture (Louisville, Kentucky: John Knox Press) 2013

Brueggemann - Truth Speaks to Power
Several liberation theologians have engaged in New Testament exegesis that speaks of the revolutionary nature of the Gospel. Brueggemann invites readers to dive into the Hebrew Scriptures to discover the messages that directly confront the status quo and those who wield political, economic and social powers not only in the societies of Biblical times, but also those who exercise authority in our time. As is typical of Brueggemann, he skillfully compels readers to look deeper, to abandon a surface reading of the text in favor of a more in-depth analysis. Reading the scriptures in such a manner reveals directly subversive messages that undermine the power and authority of those who exercise it over others.

The Biblical answer to power is truth and the truth is conveyed in the words of Scripture. To discover the truth, however, requires more than an uncritical face-value reading of the sacred texts.

Based on a series of lectures delivered to a conference of the Episcopal Church, this book is easily accessible to lay people and clergy alike and would make an excellent starting point for a Biblical discussion.