How Music Works

David Byrne, How Music Works (San Francisco: McSweeney’s Books, 2012).

Byrne - How Music Works
David Byrne has lived the life of a musician through his work with Talking Heads. He is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He knows what he is talking about. But I didn’t expect such an in-depth exploration. This isn’t just a book about Rock and Roll, nor is it just a book about the music business. It is a far more comprehensive study of music and its impact on our lives. It is filled with history, anthropology, and a whole lot of love for all kinds of music. Whether the reader is a musician, or just someone who likes music, there is a lot to learn from this powerful collection of music and its power in our lives.

The science and art of recording music has evolved as the technology has changed, and Byrne has an extensive knowledge of how music is recorded, and how it is changed by the process of recording. There are lots of illustrations, including some sketches by Byrne. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves music.