I, Steve

Geroge Beahm, ed., I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words (Chicago: Agate Books, 2011)

Beahm - I, Steve
This is not a narrative. It is a collection of short quotes, mostly just a couple of sentences. Beahm has taken quotes from developers conferences, meetings, product introductions, letters, expos, addresses and more. He has organized them into categories. I read through the entire book in the order that the quotes were given, but I suspect that the best use of this book will be to find quotes to include in sermons, talks, and written documents.

I’m glad that I read this book after I had read Walter Isaacson’s biography. The quotes tend to present Steve at his best and give a sort of fractured, incomplete view of the man. The book is insufficient to enable readers to get to know the person. They are a guide to the high moments and best (and often rehearsed) times in his life. Nonetheless there are many true teachings in the book.

I know it is a book to which I will refer again and again.